Deep House Alert : Diamond Dealer – Road to Maseru HQ


Hailing from Bloemfontein, Diamond Dealer has quickly become a key purveyor of deep African house music including headlining events alongside Black Coffee, Culoe de Song, DJ Kent, and more. Besides South Africa, the demand for the burgeoning DJ-producer has seen him evolve into a globetrotting performer with appearances as far as Jakarta, Montpellier, Bali and Seoul. Translating to “Thunderstorm” in the African language Lesotho – ‘Lialuma’ sees Diamond Dealer join the Offering Recordings roster with “the type of sound we’d play at 3am in the heart of the township or deep in the city center – this is our sound…” A purring low-end, rhythmic percussion and an ethereal hook inaugurate the package in the form of ‘Impi’ until deep chords and stabbing synths come together in ‘Road To Maseru’. ‘Before The Storm’ then serves up intricate drums as acid squelches add to a heightening suspense, making way for the low-slung groove of ‘Township Soul’ before ‘Elevate’ concludes the package with serene pads and mesmerizing atmospherics.


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